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Our Products

COOLONE – custom made temperature-controlled transport solutions
SAFEONE  – when  securing cargo  in suitcase constructions is  necessary
FLEXONE  – sandwich systems with selectable top layers

Sufficient load protection also applies to suitcase constructions. Ackermann therefore offers solutions to value conservation of the superstructure vehicle body. With this product SAFEONE Ackermann supplies a new light case kit for the weight category to 11,990 kg which meets with the load securing regulations §22 road traffic regulations and is certificated after VDI 2700 following.

Core of the construction is a multifunctional profile (patent pending) in combination with an abundance of fastening  possibilities. SAFEONE, equipped with a light isolation, offers pay load optimization and load protection, optionally with aluminum  undercarriage. COOLONE, the classic for temperature-controlled transports, with integrated fastening lashes in the side walls, as well as double story transport systems and extra equipment, stands for a further product.


Coolone (3,6MB)

Safeone (3,3MB)

Flexone (2,7MB)








Temperature controlled transportation solutions for customize.

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Immediately the new SAFEONE suitcase construction is available.

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Sandwich systems with chooseable surface layers.

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Zertifiziert nach ISO 9001:2008

Certified according to HACCP

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