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General information

Optimum isolation through usage of large -area polyurethane foamed (PURELY) panels - 100% CFC-free.

Ackermann sandwich boards are presently produced on an industrial scale and  consistently high quality with the most modern foaming units in Europe. During this process 100% CFC-free pure rigid foam reaction mixture (ODP value - 0) is applied between outer layers and glued without using any other conventional glue.

This production process enables large area sandwich boards with PUR rigid foam core (the insulating material with the lowest thermal conductivity at the moment) and free from thermal bridges. Depending on the intended purpose the panel-thickness, foam density and outer layers can be chosen as required.

Depending on the top layer used, various strengthening, welting and profiling methods can be taken into consideration during the panel manufacturing process. PUR rigid foam is protected against atmospheric effects and moisture before processing can take place.

Warehouse or transportation regulations are not required. Ackermann sandwich boards do not fall under the German road transportation regulations for dangerous goods.




Temperature controlled transportation solutions for customize.

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Immediately the new SAFEONE suitcase construction is available.

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Sandwich systems with chooseable surface layers.

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Zertifiziert nach ISO 9001:2008

Certified according to HACCP

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