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Kits for the niche

In Wolfhagen, kits are primarily produced for truck and trailer constructions. The customers, mostly regional active car body and vehicles construction companies, use kits delivered by ACKERMANN. These commercial and utility vehicle constructions are assembled to transport cases for different transportable goods.including furniture, clothes, pallets, general cargo or rolling containers. Ackermann is especially a competent supplier for temperature sensitive transport purposes like  vegetables, flowers,  meat, fish, and milk products.  They also work well for refrigerated products which require a consistent maintenance of the cooling chain.

ACKERMANN  indentifies itself as a niche supplier offering tailor-made solutions, intensive service and excellent customer support.

When it is a matter of delivering super construction in the desired dimensions, with the demanded equipment and fulfilling special wishes like flexibility and reliability, then ACKERMANN is in its element. Traditionally Ackerman enjoys a great reputation when referring to the quality of its products.
The longevity of our products is worth their price and protects the user from consequential costs.

The production plant founded in 1963 specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of aluminum, steel and Plywood kits and in particular of foamed composite plastic plates for closed truck and trailer constructions, so called "suitcases".

A special technical (feature) is the production of these foamed boards. Kits tailored from these very well insulatied special boards are required for commercial vehicles which are used for the transport of temperature-controlled food and refrigerated products with a chill temperature roughly down to -30 °. Products based on foamed boards contribute roughly three quarters to (our) turnover.

To some extent complete suitcases are also assembled in Wolfhagen. Additionally, our company produces foamed boards for other industry suppliers. These products are also used in a couple of special applications where good insulating values and longevity are demanded. Thus, foamed boards from Wolfhagen are also found in camping mobiles and in transport trailers of sail airplanes.




Temperature controlled transportation solutions for customize.

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Immediately the new SAFEONE suitcase construction is available.

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Sandwich systems with chooseable surface layers.

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